Nkiruka Perpetua Obiekezie, Nkechi Chinelo Nwankwo, Ego Virginia Nweke, Uchenna Jacinta Ugwunnamchi


This paper aims at providing a comprehensive analysis of the professionalization  of  teacher   education   in  Nigeria.   It  examined   the historical   development   of   teacher   education,    concept   of professionalization, policy framework  to the professionalization of teacher education,   theoretical  framework,  continuous   professional  development and challenges to professionalization of teacher education.  The paper recommends making  a  law that  will  regulate  the  practice  of teaching  in Nigeria.   No   entry   for   non-professional   no    matter    the    level,   the establishment  of a  national  framework  that  sets  out  the  guidelines  and standards  for professionalising teacher education, establishment of an electronic register that  will make  it easy to access if one  is a professional teacher    or   not.   Additionally,   professional   teachers    should   be   well remunerated and  given their place in the society just as it is obtainable  in other  professions  to  attract  very  intelligent  and  passionate   teachers  into teaching profession as obtained  in other countries among others.


Professionalization; teacher education; experience

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