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COVID 19, pandemic  created  the largest disruption  in education  system, in human  history. This has brought  far-reaching  changes  in all aspects  of our lives. All public and  private  schools had  to shut  the  doors  of their schools following government  directives. The pandemic  unmasked  substantial inequalities  in  the   educational  sector.   Some   institutions  engaged   their students  through  online  teaching,  a large number  of students  who are  less privileged or are in rural areas were left out. The pandemic  affected all levels of the educational system, from pre-school to higher education.  The need of the  hour  is to  innovate  and  implement  alternative  educational  plan  and assessment  strategies. The COVID -19 pandemic,  provided us with an opportunity   to  pave  the  way  for  introducing  digital  learning.  The  paper provided   answers   on  how  governments   and   institutions  of  learning  in Nigeria scaled up teaching  and  learning to make  up for the disruption  and strengthen  education.   How  tertiary  education   can  build  the  systems  and processes  for  lifelong  learning  and  what  government   can  do  to  prepare teachers  to meet the challenges of the 21st  century and  create a sustainable educational infrastructure that is resilience. Hence the need for this paper.

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