Nneka Rita Nnorom (PhD), Chinyere Francisca Okafor (PhD), Uchechukwu Henry Ejezube


Outbreak  of the corona  virus disease  in the year  2019  remains  prominent among  existing global trauma,  judging by its pre, in and  post effect on the global community.  Sadly, years after, nations  of the world still struggle with the  after  effect of the  outbreak.  Its effect on  the  economies  of the  world particularly developing  nations  like Nigeria is nowhere  near  caution.  As the trend  on  post  covid  effect continues  to  linger and  countries  of the  world intensifying search on alternative  means  to the end,  it becomes  increasingly imperative  to re-evaluate  the role and  position  of biology education  under such  circumstance.  It therefore  informed  the  line of thought  of the  current paper  to explore and  understand “national economy  in the post-covid  era, implications  for  biology teaching  and  learning”.  Among  others,  the  paperexamined:  national  economy  in the  pre-covid,  covid  and  post  covid  era. Also, the role of biology education  in cautioning  the post effect of covid on the economy  as well as necessary recommendations were made.


Covid 19, National Economy, Post Covid, Biology Education among others

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