Anthonia Chinyere Okoye (PhD), Christy Chinyere Nwagu


The need to enhance the acquisition of employability skills for gainful employment necessitated this study. The study revealed relevant literature regarding the roles of business education in empowering students/graduates for employability for global competitiveness in the COVID-19 era. The literatures reviewed that business educators need wide range of competencies such as pedagogical competencies, technical competencies, ICT competencies, professional competencies, social competences and supervisory competencies among others to meet the objectives of equipping students with skills for gainful employment and self-reliance. Based on the findings of the study, business educators need a range of competencies to adequately equip graduate with employability skills for global competitiveness. It was recommended among others; that competencies identified in this study should be packaged into training modules for in-service training of business educators in tertiary institutions in Anambra State to build their capacity to apply range of competencies in inculcating employability skills in undergraduates.


Employability skills, Competency needs, Business Education, Business Educators.

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