Amaka Angela Ekwesianya (PhD), Elijah Wordah (PhD), Friday Ekine (PhD)


This study examined the issues and way forward of entrepreneurship education in Nigerian, secondary schools. Vital variables of the study were x-rayed, such as the concept of entrepreneurship education, secondary school, purpose of entrepreneurship education, importance of entrepreneurship education and way forward/solutions of the problems of entrepreneurship education in Nigeria. Despite the challenges of entrepreneurship education, still need for its sustenance in Nigeria. Entrepreneurship education is a pragmatic education that inculcates creative, innovative, productive and managerial skills needed in business enterprises for self reliance, and employment generations, wealth creation and national development. Conclusion was drawn and valuable recommendations were also made for better entrepreneurship education in Nigerian secondary schools. Amongst the recommendations were; stringent law by government to sustain and also complete implementation of entrepreneurship education in secondary schools in Nigeria. Provision of funds for small and medium business ventures in Nigeria. Finally there is need for constant training and retraining of entrepreneurial education educators to keep them abreast with the global demands, techniques and methods of entrepreneurship education.


Entrepreneurship education, entrepreneur, secondary school.

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