Prof. Anthonia N. Umezulike, Patience Ukamaka Anozie, Chinyere Rose Ezenwanne


The importance  of business education  for sustainable  development has been emphasized  over many  years.  At the same  time, there  has been  a massive call for initial teacher  education  to provide all student teachers  with the core of professional competence. Many of the challenges facing humankind such as climate change,  water scarcity, inequality, hunger  poverty,  lack of good health  are  critical  this time  due  to  nation’s  population  growth  and  global competition.  As a result, organizations,  societies, and individuals are looking for a  way  out  of environmental, social and  economic  problems.  A skilled oriented  programme  such  as Business Teacher  Education  Progamme, can be  relevant   to  promote   sustainable   development  goals  and   targets.  To achieve   quality  education,  we  need   quality  teachers   to  deliver  quality teaching  and  learning. Teaching  and  learning are the most central activities of education,  that  involve the teacher,  the  learner,  the content  and  so on. This paper  therefore  highlights current  issues in business  teacher  education in order to step into the future, its role at individual and societal levels which related to strategic plans adopted by sustainable development goal to put an end  to all societal vices and  guarantee the global well-being of people,  the concept  of  sustainable  development, challenges  encountered  by  business teacher.  The  paper  also  draw  conclusion  and  proffer  some recommendations.


Business Teacher Education, Sound Innovation and Knowledge Transfer, Sustainable Development.

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