Ben Ejide, Ebele Iwogbe


The  study  explored   the  perception   of  teachers  on  the  impact  of  over- schooling  on  cognitive  and  psychomotor   development  of  public  primary school  pupils  in Anambra  State,  using researcher’s developed instrument. Multistage sampling  procedure  was employed. Of the  710  primary  school teachers  in  the  42   public  primary  schools  in  the  area  of  study,   120 participants  were  used   as  the  sample   for  the  study.   Four  stages  were involved  in the sampling; at each stage an appropriate sampling technique was used.  Mean scores were used to describe teachers’ perception  of over- schooling  on  cognitive  and  psychomotor   development of  primary  school pupils in Anambra  State.  Descriptive statistics, using Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS version 23) were employed for data analyses. Results revealed   that  the   respondents   substantially  showed   that  over-schooling neither facilitated cognitive development, nor enhanced  psychomotor development of children. Recommendations were advanced.


over-schooling, cognitive, psycho-motor, development

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